Our training company offers a variety of courses and training methods! We are your advantage in Corporate Training.

There are several ways you can work with BLE if you need for instructor-led training.

Our Training Catalog has hundreds of off-the-shelf workshops that are ready to go; however, we tailor activities that are relevant to YOUR audience. Any of these can be customized to address specific learning needs; audience; timeframe, and of course, budget.

Over the past 10 years, BLE Training Group has built its reputation on creating Instructor-led training that surpasses participants’ expectations. We are very intentional on that. When you have dedicated and talented world-class trainers the results speak for themselves.

The content development process consists of four main stages: Planning and Analysis, Design, Development, and Deployment.

◦During Planning and Analysis, BLE Training Group will analyze your company’s goals, the target audience, and the existing work and training environment. Once the goals and objectives are determined, instructional designers will research the subject matter and scope, create the curriculum map and define technical and functional requirements, so that the courses can be developed.

◦Next, BLE Training Group instructional designers will create the design document, the prototype, the storyboards, the scripts, and the guides as required.

◦During development, BLE Training Group designers will first develop construction standards and templates. Then our designers will produce the media elements in order to construct the courseware. Once the courseware is created, our designers will construct the student and learning experience evaluations. Last, in order to assure quality, they will facilitate a walkthrough and complete the pilot.

BLE Training Group Developers will create a deployment plan. Once the plan is developed, they will receive final approval and sign-off from you (the client).
Lastly, they will complete knowledge transfer to the appropriate client representatives, help to communicate the training rollout internally and complete the evaluation revisions.

What are webinars, and how do they work?

My experience was amazing. BLE Training Group made the entire training class smooth. Once I signed up the process was seemless and easy. The learning was really cool, and informative...

D. Harris - Maka Resourses

Our webinars are live, online educational events combining real-time presentation with telephone conferencing. We presents timely topics drawn from both the government and commercial contracting arenas, given by subject-matter experts. Instructors use prepared presentation slides that are available for viewing during the live session.

The typical format of the program includes 60 minutes of instructor(s) presentation, followed by a 30-minute Q&A period.
To access the live session, held from 2:00 PM ET 3:30 PM ET on a designated workday, you will need a touch-tone phone, preferably with speaker-phone accessibility, and a computer with Internet connectivity.

Training is a critical piece of the success of any organization. Improved skills and knowledge at all levels increases competency and productivity.

Some of our clients want to have in-house trainers to supplement what we provide the. We help to improve trainer proficiencies so that participants have a positive learning experience.
Whether you’re looking to improve training skills for one trainer, subject matter experts (SME) in your organization, or a team of in-house trainers, you’ve come to the right place!

Today, the B.L.E. Training Group provides testing and assessment services in the Mid Atlantic and Southern Regions. With over 20 plus clients BLE is the provider of high caliber proprietary testing exams for major corporate and government clients.

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Test Administration B.L.E. Training Group administers each test under the highest standards of security, accuracy and consistency, no matter what the delivery method.

We provide candidates with convenient testing access via test centers, the workplace, the web and on-site testing. B.L.E. Training Group offers:

  • Testing Centers in the Mid Atlantic and the Southern Regions
  • Highly secure, consistent testing experience
  • Computer Based Testing (CBT) services
  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • Trained and Certified Proctors
  • B.L.E. Training Group prides itself on delivering an exceptional and consistent testing experience for our candidates. Our management team follows the strictest security measures for test integrity during the testing process.

    B.L.E. Training Group provides:

  • A highly secure and consistent process for test formatting, design and distribution
  • Localization services, tests are currently delivered in several languages if needed
  • Proof of concept services
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    Training & Development Solutions

    For the organization to fully benefit from their training investment, employees must view themselves as learners, constantly updating skills and knowledge that contribute toward reaching organizational goals.

    So whether you need a one-day onsite training session or you need consulting and training for your entire organizational, BLE Training Group can help, we provide comprehensive training, speaking, coaching, and business consulting services for organizations nationwide. We have the staff and an established network of certified and experienced Instructors who have ability and know how to customize courses or seminars to meet your needs, you can be sure that the quality of training received will be unmatched. Please review our line-up of soft skills and technology courses, give us a call to start making a difference in your organization today!

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